Monday, June 27, 2011

Should A Muzzleloader Hunting Bullet Pass Through...Or Remain In The Game Hunted?

When it comes to muzzleloader hunting bullet performance, this is one of the biggest controversies. This article, just published on the new Harvester Muzzleloading Hunter website looks at what makes a saboted muzzleloading big game bullet a GOOD HUNTING BULLET.


  1. I prefer to recover the bullet so i can inspect it and see if im running it a bit to hot or if i can increase my charge. The 260gr PT Gold is an awesome shooting bullet in our CVA Accura V2 with the black crush rib and 120 grains blackhorn209.

  2. I prefer a pass through. Energy doesn't kill, tissue damage & blood loss do. With a pass through you get two holes, one lets cold air in & one lets blood out. More trauma, more blood loss (and resulting loss of blood pressure), & a better blood trail (if needed). Two holes for the price of one, bargain days are here!